what every professional sharpener needs...

The Sharpener carries three different sharpening units the Hira-To®, Ookami Gold®, and Twice as Sharp®. Each of these pieces of equipment are unique in either design or wheel set up. Here are some brief detail that will help you decide which machine would be best for you. If you have questions or would like more information contact us online.

The Hira-To®

The Hira-To® is The Sharpener’s premier scissors sharpening system. It is specifically designed to sharpen and repair shears for stylists, hairdressers, barbers, and dog groomers. The Hira-To® is a flat hone system fitted with a precise clamping fixture that will allow you to bevel edge or convex your customers shears back to factory spec. The fixture will allow you to mimic the exact hand movements of factory trained sharpeners, but without the learning curve. It is a simple, fast, consistent unit that will create an edge that will set up apart from any competition you may have in your target area. If you are thinking about targeting beauty and grooming segment of the sharpening business, you’ll find the Hira-To® a perfect fit. For more details on this specific machine, click here or click on Hira-To® under the machines tab above.

The Ookami Gold®

The Ookami Gold® Sharpening System is a hybrid of the Professional Twice as Sharp®. This scissor sharpening unit is fitted with specialized wheels to designed to sharpen shears for the beauty and grooming industries. Unlike the Hira-To®, the Ookami Gold® clamp assembly is not designed to mimic the hand movements of factory sharpeners. It is designed to create a precise angle, and when used in conjunction with the Ookami Gold® Diamond Wheel and Polishing Wheel, will create an edge that will rival even the best factory sharpener. To discover all the advantages and disadvantages of this unit, click here or click on Ookami Gold® under the machines tab above.

The Twice as Sharp®

The Twice as Sharp® is the basic unit of choice for the professional sharpener. This sharpening system is designed to handle any low-end barber, beauty, or grooming shear, and any industrial shear you will find on the market. The Twice as Sharp® has been churning out profits for sharpeners since 1983 and has been used in industrial factories. It is the easiest, and fastest machine for sharpening this level of shears, and will pay for itself many time over as you grow your sharpening business. To see why the Twice as Sharp® is the number one selling scissor sharpener in the world, click here or click on Twice as Sharp® under the machines tab above.